Li Huang saw for tax hundred industrial enterprises in Lishui City title

Date:2013-07-26 | Attention:1260
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  (Correspondent Lu Yun) Recently, the 2012 tax hundred industrial enterprises in Lishui City, the published list, Zhejiang saw sawing force Huang Lishui City Corporation was awarded the honorary title of tax hundred industrial enterprises.
  The poll is to encourage industrial enterprises bigger and stronger, Lishui City, the city's industrial promote sound and rapid economic development, before 2012 the annual corporate tax paid up 100 industrial enterprises awarded the "Lishui City taxpayers 100 industrial enterprises," the honorary title, and to be informed recognition.
  As the industry's leading enterprises sawing, sawing force Huang has won several "hundred corporate tax" title. Saw Li-huang will redouble their efforts, innovation, continue to the city's economic development and social progress and make greater contributions.


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