Hangzhou cities CCIB leaders to come to Lishui saw Huang research to guide the work force

Date:2013-07-26 | Attention:1346
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  WASHINGTON (Correspondent gradually Zhen) April 12, the leaders of Hangzhou CIQ CIQ ​​and Lishui City, Li-huang research to guide the work of the saw, the county party secretary Kong Hailong, pot town committee secretary Chun Chen, accompanied by research.
  The research on the forum, Libin Sheng, general manager of all the leaders to focus on the production and operation of Li-huang's foreign trade saw the next business development and international market expansion since the spring of ideas, Hangzhou Bureau of recent years saw Li-huang achievements and development of fully affirmed, and power saws Huang Lishui City have expressed appreciation for such an enterprise and surprise, he saw Li-huang should continue to be encouraged to fully tap their own potential, to large enterprises on a par economically developed areas, to promote throughout the sawing development of the industry to play a greater role.
  Libin Sheng, general manager, accompanied by all the leaders also examines the cultural exhibition hall, the production site and has been a successful trial of new products.


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