Saw Li-huang branch to carry out "the youth saw Li-huang" party micro-Bo interactive activ

Date:2013-07-26 | Attention:2819
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  ( Correspondent Xiao ) April 16 evening , the official Huang Li Zhejiang saw sawing Corporation conducted a micro- Bo to "youth saw Li-huang " as the theme of "two new network moving " party micro- Bo interactive activities. "Two new network action" is Lishui Municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the organization to strengthen party building two new exchanges and expand the work of party building two new organizational influence, Tencent micro- Bo use this platform. to explore a new organizational network two effective forms of party building , saw Li-huang branch is the first of two new organizations to participate in the activities of Jinyun County .
  In the " two new network action" activities, the official micro- Bo Huang saw the force released about the corporate culture, sports activities, corporate party building, and so on more than 40 employees style. text content and images , pots town government official micro- Bo , Jinyun County two new party building, Liandu two new party building, Qingtian County, two new party building, party building , etc. She rural two new Lishui nine counties of the Organization Department official micro- Bo and broadcast information on these comments , saw Li-huang and more young staff member at the same time online , on the reviewer 's issues in real time to reply and added that although only a few of the activities over an hour , but the participants to reach hundreds of people , the atmosphere is very harmonious with the active promotion of the effective force saw Huang 's corporate culture and good image.



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