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 2013 saw Li Huang Culture
  Entrepreneurial spirit: dedication, teamwork, innovation
  Vision: World sawing industry leader
  Enterprise purpose: to create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating benefits for the community.
  Corporate atmosphere: unity, such as the family, such as the implementation of the military, training, such as schools
             Cultural philosophy: active play proud, ashamed to shirk responsibility;
             Endeavour innovation proud to complacency ashamed;
                 In frank proud to use rape cheaters ashamed;
                 Pragmatic proud to fraud ashamed.
                 To love the company proud to slander defamation ashamed;
                 In order to rectify sweeping proud to be ashamed of damage to the environment;
                 In Zunzhangshouji proud to arbitrary discipline violations ashamed;
                  With attention to detail proud to work extensive ashamed.
  Quality concept: Quality is life, treat your parents treat quality

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