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In early 2009, the company completed covering a total area of ​​15.6 square meters, construction area of ​​over 80,000 square meters of modern garden plants, and has the largest single area of ​​Lishui City workshop, moving from all aspects of hardware and software to modernize and standardize enterprise .
By the end of 2007, the company conducted shareholding reform, corporate name change to "force Huang Zhejiang saw sawing Co., Ltd.", started the third leap.
In 2003, Zhejiang saw Saw Ltd. changed its name to force Huang Li-huang, Zhejiang saw Saw Holdings Limited, companies gradually grow into sawing industry leader, began to lead the development of the industry.
In 2001, with the rapid development of enterprises, expanding the size of the enterprise, original equipment, the plant has been unable to meet production demands, sawing force Huang began building a new plant, Jinyun County, sawing tool manufacturing plant was renamed Huang Zhejiang saw sawing force Ltd., saw Li Huang began a second takeoff.
In 1996, the business mission through extensive and detailed market research, analysis, learned sawing products potentially huge market prospects, Jinyun County, Jinyun Tools Factory was renamed sawing tool manufacturing plant, began production sawing products. Since then, the business has entered a fast track of development, power saws Huang started the first venture off since.
In 1993, with the further development of enterprises, according to the prevailing favorable market prospects machining tools, farm tools factory was renamed Jinyun triple Tools Plant, began to switch production of various types of high speed steel cutting tools.
In 1987, the founder of triple tools factory, production of agricultural sickle, the annual output value of more than ten million workers in more than ten people.
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