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  Senior leaders with strong leadership and execution, strong sense of team. Strong leadership team vibrant , energetic, performance excellence consciousness ; in employment mechanism , the use of open competition for employment , the implementation of "capable , let Ping , concerning" employment policy , and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees ; in management process , focusing on democracy, caring staff , and create a harmonious and dynamic work environment.
  Talent Strategy - saw Li-huang adhering to the " scientific and technological innovation , people-oriented" thinking human resource management , the establishment of legal norms, healthy development , sustained motivation, open and innovative human resource management system, promote the company through an open corporate culture, personal adequate opportunities to attract those who truly wish to achieve self-worth through hard work and creative talent of all kinds to join the company .
  Employee Motivation - Saw force Huang developed a competitive incentive wage policy , the establishment of performance -oriented pay system , unswervingly implement tilt incentives for talents, encourage employees to actively create value. I hope the employees through solidarity and personal efforts to improve the working and living conditions . While material incentives to continuously improve the level of mental stimulation , will become an important way of business continuity incentives.
  Staff training - Li-huang saw the training as a long-term investment to enhance the value of employees , establish a sound and effective training system, to provide comprehensive training for staff development , and actively explore career planning . For the potential to provide a higher level of staff training opportunities , training and development of people with .

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