Product Categories:Miter cutting band saw machine
Release Date:2014-04-28
Specification:Our S-Series Band Saws are the high precision saws in the industry to incorporate swing-head capability. The line-up features manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic models with mitering capability from 90 to 30 degrees.
Summary:Standard Features:
1.Two directions angle swivel +45°~0°
~ + 60°
2. Blade breakage detector device
3. Blade cleaning brush 
4. Hydraulic flow down feed control
5. One piece of bi-metal saw blade.
6. One set of tools
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  • Product Detail
Model Name New S-200R     Semi-automatic      CE Standard
Angle “+45°~ -60° ”
Max.cutting 200mm      45°       200mm
Capacity 300×200mm      45°       200×200
Saw blade Speed 36/70
Size 2910×34×0.9
Guides Carbide and bearing blade guides
Cleaning wire brush & flood coolant
Tension Manual
Motor output Blade 2.2kw
Hydraulic 0.55kw
Coolant 0.075kw
Work feeding Manual
Work Vice Manual
Machine Weight 470kg
Packing Size(L×W×H) 1600×800×1400
Container Loads 3SETS/20", 6SETS/40"
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