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  Julihuang with Saw Saw provincial high-tech R & D center
  First, the basic situation of the R & D center
  Zhejiang Julihuang Sawing Machine Group Co., Ltd.,founded in September 1987, the registered capital of 40 million yuan, existing staff 250 people, is a set design, development, production, manufacture, sales and service as a whole is given priority to with band sawing machine production integrated manufacturing enterprise.
  Julihuang with Saw Saw tech enterprise R & D Center ( hereinafter referred to as the center ) is recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province in 2010 the first batch of provincial-level high-tech R & D center. R & D center now has 28 people, including 26 full-time staff , undergraduate or intermediate engineering and technical personnel 22 people, 650 m2 space research , scientific equipment Total 9,786,000 yuan .
  Second, the progress and effectiveness
  The company has been fully implemented and respond to government directives technological innovation , and strive to promote enterprise technological progress and enhance the company's capability of independent innovation , scientific and technological innovation to build sustainable development of enterprises , scientific and technological progress long-term mechanism , constantly sum up experience in technological innovation , efforts to promote company vigorously promote technological innovation and scientific and technological achievements into productive forces conversion to increase the company's sustained and healthy development momentum .
  1 , strengthen the leadership of technological innovation , innovative construction system
  In order to strengthen the leadership of technological innovation , the company under the leadership of specific technical director , product development and R & D centers established group , 5 -functional team of mechanical design group , craft group , standardization group , the experimental group , etc., in accordance with the responsibilities between the various groups content around the goals , improve the division of labor , resource sharing , forming a strong technology, management innovation team unity and cooperation . Meanwhile, in order to do a good job with the market -oriented technological innovation , so that not only established its own technological innovation management system , which takes technology and products closely linked . This year to develop a " science and technology award Trial Measures " in further standardize rules and regulations , but also inspires passion for innovation of science and technology personnel
  2 , is committed to product upgrades, significant technological achievements
  3 , to promote awareness of patents , patent positive declaration , to create the company's intellectual property
  After two decades of market battles, we recognize that only the formation of their own intellectual property by filing patent applications in order to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, in order to enhance their market competitiveness. Visionary leadership of the company , the situation in the patent subject matter and declare the above , we are actively face , researchers and research centers active grassroots staff exchanges , dig innovation . Through our efforts, this year the company declared and accepted ** patents.
  4 , R & D funding case
  In 2012, the Centre continued to increase R & D funding investment, science and technology activities of investment funds yuan, accounting for the company's annual sales total , these funds entirely from the enterprise itself .
  Third, the main problems
  1 , the lack of qualified technical personnel . The company is located in Lishui Jinyun , is economically underdeveloped regions, poor geographical advantages ; and compared with the large state-owned enterprises, the company, there is a large -scale operation in the gap ; coupled with the Government to build a platform lag lack of social service system is imperfect , these are not attracting corporate R & D center is the direct cause of personnel, especially high-end talent .
  2 , the development of consciousness is not strong enough . Major R & D personnel agile enough thinking , new product development cycle is too long , timeliness should be further strengthened, market research and development work needs to be further rationalized convergence . Also in technological innovation afraid of difficulties and trouble are present mood .
  3 , automation, digitization level needs to be improved. Level of corporate information is still not fully meet the needs of research and development work, and called for increased information platform construction , seize the focus of internal and external information to improve the response speed and reduce development costs.
  4 , patented gold content to be improved. Companies filing patent quality and gold still to be improved, as well as to increase the proportion of patents in the space and in the number of patents declared admissible , each research center staff to actively plan , trying to find innovation .

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