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                          Social Responsibility
  Enterprise development is inseparable from the nurturing and support of the community , so the company began very early on social welfare support and donations , the past three years , the company in support of the local business community endowment , old sports development and new rural construction, cultural construction funds to pay a total of over 120 million.
  Charity was founded in Jinyun County, on the occasion of the initiative donation of 30 million, for the Jinyun contribute to charity ;
  2007 to 60,000 yuan donations Jinyun County People's Education Fund ,
  During the 2008 earthquake , the active contribution of $ 18 million to help the Sichuan compatriots survive. Repeatedly Lishui City of Industry , awarded the " Bright Star " honor is Jinyun County Business Council and individual ( private) business associations .
  June 2011 , the company once again to Jinyun County Charity contributions 780,000 yuan to support the county to carry out student , HelpAge , help orphans , medical help , the disabled , and other relief activities - poverty , effectively helping difficulty masses through. So far, the county has Li-huang saw Charity donations 1.08 million yuan .
  August 2011 , invested 300,000 yuan sponsorship Jinyun county propaganda department , Jinyun County Television 's " Mom taught me a song " large family and cultural activities.
  September 2011 , Lishui City, the third sponsor martial arts contest .
  October 2011 to 20,000 yuan donations Yeosu Guangcai ,
  December 2011 to the pot kuocang village town roads donation of $ 10,000. For local rural development and promote the development of socialist harmonious society to make its due contribution to the new .

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